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Calling Tree Information

New info: Prayer requests from 4/5/2020 on will be in the "Prayer Requests" section of the CBC website


Update: yesterday (4/3) Caleb recognized his parents and smiled. They are still watching him in the hospital, but the doctors are very happy with his progress.

Please Pray for:

Iain Gay (Glenn and Debbie's son) that his health stays stable and that a new treamtment that is now available will be covered by his insurance.

Glenn and Kathy's daughter in law, Michelle who has been diagnosed with uterine cancer ans d starts treatment on Wednesday.

Kelly Holt's sister, Sally who has been dealing with ongoing cancer. Please pray for peace, strength, and understanding during this time.

Brad's father, Jerry who has been diagnosed with cancer and had chemotherapy all last week. And his mother, who is sitll dealing with pancreatic cancer and metastases.


Please pray for the Sauve family: Todd and Jennifer's son Caleb was hurt and currently has bleeding in his brain. They are wating to see how the health care team will proceed.


Hi all, we have a prayer request from the calling tree: Please pray for Jill and MarkBishop, Mark's cancer has metastasized to his lungs. Mark and Jill have been in "self isolation" for many months now due to his weakened immune system, so our current Safer at Home policy is not really a change for them.

Your sisters in Christ, Kathy, Michelle, and Marjorie

Greetings CBC family! We are working on getting information out to everyone. Kathy, Michelle, and I have developed a calling tree for ladies to call each other with information and prayer requests and we will post here and on the Facebook page. Please watch either our website or the Facebook page for informationon how to join church via ZOOM.

"From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work." Ephesians 4:16

Stay safe everyone!

your sisters in Christ, Kathy, Michelle, and Marjorie